The model and host of Top Chef keeps it real while vacationing with her daughter

By Julie Mazziotta
January 04, 2016 06:20 PM

Padma Lakshmi is proud of her burrito baby!

While vacationing with her daughter in Tulum, Mexico, Lakshmi, 45, posted a shot of herself in a bikini, showing off a slightly more rounded stomach than usual for the model.

But before anyone starts thinking she’s pregnant again, Lakshmi clarified in the caption, writing, “No I am not pregnant, I just like tacos, and burritos and enchiladas…!!!”

In the photo, Lakshmi dons a large striped hat, which may have mortified little Krishna, 4.

“Oh I don’t care if it’s almost sundown, I am absolutely going to embarrass you on the beach with this sombrero!” she wrote in the caption.

Lakshmi previously said that she doesn’t like gaining weight – except for one nice side effect.

“The only benefit of gaining weight is what it does to your boobs!” she captioned an Instagram in August.

Clearly, the host of Top Chef likes to have fun with her Instagram. In another shot of her in a bikini running along the beach, Lakshmi posted that her friend thinks it looks like she has a penis, and the Internet went wild.

“I clearly don’t understand the ins and outs of Instagram, I’m always amazed at what gets a lot of attention … I didn’t expect that,” she later told PEOPLE. “I think it’s nice not to take oneself so seriously … on the show I have to be so serious.”

We say keep on enjoying that Mexican food, Padma! After all, the taco cleanse is the only way to do 2016 dieting.