The actress, 35, looks strong and svelte while taking a break from filming X-Men: Apocalypse

By Maria Yagoda
August 10, 2015 05:35 PM
Courtesy Olivia Munn

It seems like all that martial arts training has payed off for Olivia Munn, who looks svelte and strong in a bikini while sunning herself in Montreal over the weekend.

The actress, 35, took a break from shooting X-Men: Apocalypse on Sunday to hang out with her friend Brittany Farrar, sip drinks, catch some rays and show off her superhero-status body, which she’s been toning with intense (and fearsome) tae kwan do training.

The secret to the former Newsroom star’s fit body? Her X-Men training regimen, yes but also having a super fit boyfriend like NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

“He’s in such great shape, and especially lately, he’s been eating so well and working out,” she revealed in Good Housekeeping‘s August issue. “Having somebody in your life like that is so motivating.”