Nina Garcia leads an active lifestyle, even while traveling

By Gabrielle Olya
February 14, 2017 12:20 PM
Credit: Mark Abrahams

Nina Garcia seems like she never ages, and her active lifestyle is definitely a big reason why.

“I find that being physically fit also helps me stay mentally strong, both of which help in the aging process,” Garcia, 51, tells PEOPLE.

When it comes to working out, the Project Runway judge doesn’t stick to a particular routine, but makes sure she is moving as much as possible.

“I don’t have any one thing that I do consistently, but I do a lot to stay active,” she says. “I have two kids, a dog, and live close to Central Park, so we spend a lot of time outside walking, riding bikes, etc. I’ll do yoga and Pilates from time to time, but my favorite activities are skiing in the winter and surfing whenever and wherever I can find a beach.”

“Right now, I’m stationed in snowy New York City where I’m doing a lot of skiing,” she continues. “I have a family that loves to hit the slopes, so it’s not only a great workout, but a great way to spend family time too.”

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As Marie Claire‘s creative director she often has to travel for work, but Garcia tries to stay active even when she’s on the road.

“Instead of sleeping off the jet lag, I jump on a treadmill or hit the streets for a nice long walk in whatever city I happen to be in,” she says. “It keeps my energy up and helps me stay mobile.”

She also uses the Huawei Fit fitness tracker (for which she is an ambassador) to make sure she always stays on top of her fitness goals.

“Technology is great for staying healthy because it gamifies activity,” says Garcia. “The goal on your wrist really is a motivational tool, and I’ve found it to be especially helpful when I am traveling or whenever my routine is off beat.”