Brook Power posed for Playboy in May 2016, and one year and one baby later, the new mom was named the magazine's Playmate of the Year

By Julie Mazziotta
April 18, 2017 04:13 PM
Credit: Brook Power/Instagram

Model Brook Power made her Playboy debut in May 2016, and now one year and one baby later, the new mom is the magazine’s Playmate of the Year.

Power was also one of the few models to pose for Playboy during the months that the magazine went nudity-free.

“I actually didn’t feel as though the two were very different … it’s the same style of photography,” Power says in an interview with Eugena Washington, the 2016 Playmate. “It’s modern. It’s current.”

Plus, she says, regardless of the level of nudity shown in the magazine, the nature of modeling means the focus is on her body.

Brook Power
| Credit: David Bellemere/Playboy

“When you’re modeling, you’re constantly getting undressed and changing in front of everyone,” Power says. “I also trusted the aesthetic that I knew the photographer would capture. I think you and I both knew this wasn’t going to be something we would ever regret. It’s something we’re proud of doing.”

Brook Power
| Credit: David Bellemere/Playboy

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And the new mom, who gave birth to son Ozzie in November, feels that modeling — naked or clothed — is more about the model’s personality than it used to be.

“Nowadays, a model is more of a personality, for sure,” Power says. “There are so many ways for us to express ourselves and put ourselves out there. It’s more about relatability. We’re curating our own careers, basically.”

Brook Power on Playboy‘s May/June 2017 cover
| Credit: David Bellemere/Playboy

“I think women who are in any sort of spotlight now need to be interesting. Women are so multifaceted. Especially with models — there’s more than just a pretty face. Now we need to show it.”