October 27, 2017 11:44 AM

My Giant Life’s Haleigh Hampton has something painful in store for her husband Bryan Carvalho: simulated labor contractions.

In an exclusive look at Sunday night’s episode of My Giant Life, the pregnant 6’7” star takes Carvalho to the doctor to see whether her husband can handle the pain of giving birth.

“Haleigh’s baby belly is one of the biggest baby bellies I have seen,” Hampton’s doctor explained. “That’ll be a 10 lb. baby for sure.”

“It wasn’t that bad at first. I was feeling pretty good,” Carvalho said, describing the initial contractions he felt. “I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is good, let’s go for it’ and [the doctor] went for it.”

Holding on to his wife with both hands, Carvalho cried out “Oh god” as the escalating contractions keep on coming.

“The simulated contractions feel like a life’s being squeezed out of you [and you’re] simultaneously being electrocuted and burnt,” he continued.

The couple announced they were expecting a child in September 2016 and talked to PEOPLE about the difficulties they experienced with conceiving.

“The baby was an absolute surprise,” Hampton told PEOPLE. “We were told by five different doctors that we couldn’t conceive naturally.”

“We tried for a while but on our move out to Tennessee we decided that we were happy with where we were and enjoying married life, and the second we said we didn’t want to try anymore we got pregnant, figures right?”

And on Valentine’s Day 2017, the couple welcomed their baby girl — named Kaia James Kamalei Carvalho — into the world.

“Seriously… where did all this hair come from?! We’re so head over heels for this girl and all her delicious squishiness. She is the sweetest little dream baby that has been sleeping through the night and just wants to sleep and cuddle on anyone who will hold her,” Hampton wrote alongside a sweet photo of her newborn on Instagram. “Had a rough few days trying to figure each other out but I’m pretty sure the answer to all things is cuddles and a thousand and one kisses.”

The couple got married in June 2015 after being engaged for three months.

My Giant Life airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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