Source: Constance Hall/Instagram
August 24, 2016 01:15 PM

Body shaming can happen to anyone – you can even do it to yourself.

That’s what mom blogger Constance Hall realized after assuming a sales associate was body shaming her for looking at too-small sizes – but it was Hall who was actually being dishonest.

“Went shopping for a new dress, was happily browsing the racks when the shop assistant says, ‘Sorry darling those racks are size 6s and 8s only, the other racks will be better for you,’ ” Hall recalls in a Facebook post that now has 91,000 likes and over 5,500 shares. “Hiding my offence I replied, ‘That’s cool. I AM a size 6.’ ”

“And that’s when we shared one of those awkward moments, the ones where she knows I’m lying, I know that she knows that I’m lying, she knows that I know that she knows that I’m lying…”

Hall says she grabbed a size 6 dress off the rack anyway to , but quickly saw it wouldn’t fit in the dressing room.

“Feeling under enthused with the unsurprising results I returned from the change room and told her that the colour did nothing for me,” Hall says. “She responded with, ‘Wow, you are one of those beautiful women that I would think suits every colour.’ “It would appear that she is not the arsehole…. I am.”

“She wasn’t body shaming my delicious #mummob she was being practical, it was ME who body shamed myself by taking offence!!!!!!”

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Hall says it made her realize that she shouldn’t lie to herself any longer about her true size.

“Today was a reminder that NO dress sizes are BETTER then any OTHER,” she says. “It’s YOUR BODY. You only have ONE. Love it.”

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