Bonnie Rochman
November 11, 2016 12:33 PM

Bonnie Rochman opted to have her daughter’s ears pierced at a tattoo parlor rather than a mall kiosk, and wrote about her experience in a 2012 TIME article.

Though her decision may have been unorthodox, Rochman, 44, says the feedback she received from sharing her story was actually very positive.

“People thought it was a really good idea,” she tells PEOPLE. “A lot of my daughter’s friends had gone on to have their ears pierced at a tattoo parlor as well.”

The Seattle-based journalist said she initially decided to have her then 7-year-old daughter’s ears pierced at a tattoo parlor after researching what would be the safest, cleanest option.

“Tattoo parlors are regulated,” she explains. “They have to go through training courses and use gloves, the needles are new. It seemed like a more sanitary, hygienic process. And tattoo parlors have a lot of [clients] with lots of piercings, and I know they’re not going to Claire’s so I thought, ‘Why not go to the experts?'”

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Rochman was so pleased with the experience that she went back to the tattoo parlor to have her younger daughter’s ears pierced a couple of years later.

“It didn’t scare her, but she doesn’t go to a tattoo parlors a lot so it was a little weird!” she admits.

In addition to the hygienic aspects, Rochman says bringing her daughters to a tattoo parlor was also a learning experience for them.

“I love exposing my kids to different people,” she says. “I was excited to go and have them see people who look very different from the people we usually hang out with.”

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