September 14, 2016 01:45 PM

Miss America Savvy Shields understands the confusion over her name – but says she’s never really gone by anything else.

“I was two years old when it started, and it has never gone away,” the beauty queen from Arkansas, explains. “The only human in the world that calls me Savannah is my ballet teacher, because it’s classical, and so everyone else in my life calls me Savvy. Every artwork I’ve ever done, every test I’ve taken – signed by Savvy. It’s close to legally changed.”

Shields, who wowed the judges with her jazz dance performance during the Miss America competition Sunday night to bring home the crown, says hearing her full name always meant she was in trouble.

Savvy Shields
Donald Kravitz/Getty Images for dcp

“When it was Savannah, that’s when you knew. That’s when you KNEW,” she says. “Even if it’s ‘Savvy Janine!’ it’s okay, it’s a little bad, but if it’s ‘Savannah Janine!’ – that’s when you knew.”

We’ll bet she was only hearing “Congratulations Savvy!” on Sunday night.

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