February 23, 2009 02:45 PM

Minka Kelly admits she never saw herself as a typical Hollywood sylph – even in her earlier modeling days.

“I never really took the idea of me being a model seriously, because I never thought that I had the body for it,” the star of NBC’s Friday Night Lights tells the March issue of Health, on newsstands Tuesday. “I’m five-feet-five, and I have a bubble butt and pretty big thighs. So I learned quickly just to be happy with what I’ve got.”

The actress, 28, likes to run to keep in shape and says with a laugh, “If I didn’t work out as hard as I do, I’d be really thick. That’s also hard, because I love to eat. But it’s about wanting to take care of myself, as opposed to wanting to look a certain way. I don’t really ever stand on a scale”

Not one to deny herself, she admits, “I’m a dessert freak. I looove peach cobbler. So how does she recommend mixing fitness with indulgence? “Have a cheat day – Whoo! Sunday s ‘Cheat Day.’ I’m gonna have my peach cobbler! – then it’s exciting, and you really enjoy it.”

As for Hollywood stars getting Botox in their twenties, she says, “Whatever you have to do to make yourself happy, then I’m all for it. I’m personally afraid to do it at my age, but that’s not to say that when my boobs are down to my knees that I won’t go and get them fixed up.”

She’s not as forthcoming, however, about Derek Jeter, with whom she’s been linked romantically. When asked about the handsome Yankee, Kelly says: “I have lots of great friends, and I’m very happy. I’d just like to keep it at that!”

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