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May 19, 2015 11:25 PM

The First Lady would like to remind the nation that she is rather hardcore.

Michelle Obama debuted her “#GimmeFive” fitness campaign earlier this year. It’s a simple request: Think of five ways you can be healthy, diet-wise or fitness-wise, and share them via social media.

On Tuesday, the First Lady Tweeted the video above, giving a glimpse of how she stays in shape. With its Jock Jam-esque soundtrack, it shows her workout routine and even gives the viewer the perspective of her punching bag, just in case you wanted to know what it’s like to get socked by those famously toned arms.

In Tweeting the clip, the First Lady made it clear that this was a response to husband Barack Obama’s “Gimme Five” clip, which by comparison is slightly gentler in tone.

The President ends his clip saying “Gimme five, FLOTUS-style,” and well, Mr. President, that’s what you got. But hey, it should be no surprise. The First Lady has been promoting her Let’s Move campaign for five years now.

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She also posted an extended version of “#GimmeFive FLOTUS Style” that explains her exercises in-depth. Watch it below.

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