Meddy Teddy is already a social media star, with 11,000 Instagram followers

By Gabrielle Olya
June 28, 2016 11:00 AM
Meddy Teddy

Thom Jordan was on a meditation retreat when he came up with the idea for Meddy Teddy, an adorable yoga-practicing stuffed animal.

“I prayed for a way to help people, and after 21 days of meditation, Meddy Teddy popped into my head as a way to help teach children and adults about meditation and mindfulness,” Jordan, 36, tells PEOPLE.

While Meddy Teddy can demonstrate a number of yoga poses, Jordan hopes the bear can help children learn about broader subjects as well.

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“Meddy Teddy is intended to use as a tool to broach big topics with children, including mindfulness, self-trust and peacefulness,” says Jordan. “He’s a role model and yoga buddy for young ones, but he also teaches both kids and adults the importance of leading healthier, more mindful lives. Through his guidance, Meddy hopes to increase people’s self-esteem, empathy and calmness.”

Meddy is already a social media star, with 11,000 followers on Instagram.

“By following Meddy’s online message through his daily mindful moments, people feel a sense of connection and ability to look within,” says Jordan of the bear’s online fame. “I believe that people want to connect to a deeper part of themselves and the world. Meddy helps people do that in an easy and fun way.”