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July 11, 2016 03:00 PM

Matt McGorry is publicly criticizing a Los Angeles radio show for its “Fat Chick/Skinny Chick” game.

“Heard the horrendously sexist The Woody Show in a cab,” the Orange Is the New Black actor, 30, tweeted on Friday. “The game was guessing if girls are skinny or fat based on answers to questions, such as what their name is, do they prefer cooking or baking, do they like anal sex and other collections of some of the worst s— I’ve ever heard on the radio.”

As McGorry – who has also spoken out in favor of the Free the Nipple campaign – acknowledged, this isn’t the first time the show on 98.7 FM has been accused of sexism. Last December, Ms. Magazine blogger Allison Ficht wrote an email to the producer of the show asking for it to be taken off the air.

“As a graduate student in the public health field who actively works to reduce stigmas, this show only perpetuates them,” Ficht blogged about her issues with the radio show.

Instead of addressing her concerns, the show rebuked her email live on the air.

“The responses included the following: ‘Go make me some bacon and eggs’; ‘Get the f— out’; ‘You’re either on-board with this kind of humor and take things with a grain of salt or you’re not allowed to listen anymore,’ ” she wrote in the blog.

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“I remember [the show] from Allison Ficht getting attacked in 2015,” tweeted McGorry. “Where they mocked her for complaining to the producer by telling her to go make bacon and eggs.”

The Woody Show’s social media page responded to McGorry with screenshots of their social media posts about their fundraising for charity and support of the Orlando shooting victims.

They also sent out a series of tweets claiming that the How to Get Away with Murder star could not have heard the show at the time he was tweeting, as the show only airs on weekday mornings. Those tweets are now deleted, but McGorry has saved them in a series of screenshots.

“I know you deleted about 10 of your tweets and the description off the site,” McGorry tweeted the next day after sharing a video that proves he was listening to the show. “Can we count this as an admission that you understand how bad this game is? (It’s ok to apologize by the way.)”

“Tweeting about Orlando doesn’t mean you aren’t also promoting rape culture, misogyny and body shaming,” he continued. “But I think you know that. If you, Twitter operator, agree with me, how do we change this?”

The show has not tweeted anything in response.

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