Courtesy Mark Ruffalo
October 28, 2015 04:40 PM

Mark Ruffalo is flashing his nipple on Twitter – for a good cause.

The actor, 47, is one of several celebrities who has taken to social media in support ofOne For the Boys, an organization that encourages men to be proactive about their health, and its latest campaign #InTheNipOfTime, which specifically focuses on raising awareness of male breast cancer.

“Men get breast cancer too,” Ruffalo wrote on Twitter. “I’m supporting @One4TheBoys #InTheNipOfTime campaign. Learn more:”

Ruffalo was inspired to flash some skin by Samuel L. Jackson, who is a spokesperson for the campaign.

“Men don’t just get man boobs, they can get breast cancer too, so when you’re thinking about copping a feel, cop a feel of yourself,” Jackson says in a tongue-in-cheek PSA. “Don’t be the strong, silent type. If unsure, say something.”

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The Avengers star is spreading the word by encouraging men to Tweet a photo of their nipples, along with the hashtag #InTheNipOfTime, so of course, he Tweeted out his own nipple photo.

“Checkin’ myself before I wreck myself!!,” he captioned the pic. “Taken #InTheNipOfTime, all in aid of @One4theBoys. Get your nips out! Your turn!”

According to One For the Boys, more than 70 men a year die of breast cancer. The organization encourages men to check themselves regularly.

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