The Dance Your Ass Off host just can't avoid the dreaded call of a stocked hotel fridge in her exclusive blog

July 06, 2009 06:40 PM

It’s every dieter’s nightmare: You’re alone in your hotel room with a fully stocked minibar. Do you dive in or ignore it?

That’s exactly the dilemma Marissa Jaret Winokur, 36, faced on her recent trip to New York City to promote her Oxygen show Dance Your Ass Off.

Here, in her weekly weight-loss blog, she shares her diet disaster (and how she rebounded) – and how being surrounded by larger-than-life look-alikes can be great for your self-esteem.

What happens when it’s 2 a.m. and you’re alone in a hotel room with the devil’s minibar? Minibar – one; Marissa – zero.

My trip to New York City ended in disaster. Let me start from the beginning: I had to leave my son Zev and go to N.Y.C. to do press for Dance Your Ass Off. I brought my sneakers and exercise clothes with me so I could use the hotel gym. It was too late to work out on Saturday when I got in, Sunday I was busy and Monday you get my drift. The only workout I did was carry my big sneakers through the airport!

BUT I was eating really healthy – I said NO to the bread basket every day and ordered salads with the dressing on the side. Never – I repeat never – did I even look at the New York pizza or the hot dog stands. Never did I stray from my goal! Never, that is, until my last night.

It was my last day in N.Y.C. I was having a blast – I actually felt amazing!!! I spent the day running around making sure everyone who would listen knew my show was premiering. I went to an event where there were three 6-ft.-plus foot men dressed up as ME. I thought they looked beautiful and very stylish! I loved the big hair and I felt so cute and small it made me re-think my circle of friends. Maybe all I need to do is take my bikini photo with them!!!

I then went back to the hotel, ordered room service (a boring salad) and even put the bread outside the room so I wouldn’t be tempted. I called my husband and started to go to bed. Then, like a siren I heard the call of the minibar! Next thing I knew it was 2 a.m. and I had pretty much killed the minibar!!! Upon checkout, I quickly grabbed the bill so my friend traveling with me wouldn’t see the evidence.

Getting Back on Track

Marissa Jaret Winokur and son Zev

Back in California, I got home in time to go swimming with my son Zev. I popped him in his little raft thing and found a new exercise – I use his raft as a kickboard! I missed Zev so much that this week I didn’t want to leave him for the gym. It was hard to find time for myself and hard to think of ways to include Zev in a workout. I took him hiking with me and put him in the Baby Bjorn.

When I carried my 26-lb. son up a steep mountain, I felt like I was doing a Biggest Loser challenge! I was carrying the weight I had gained! It felt so heavy, I couldn’t believe I gained that much and how hard it was to carry it!

I’m glad I found some things I can do with Zev and want to include them in my normal week. However, next week back to the gym and dance classes for me!

I learned a lot this week: Never trust yourself alone with a minibar – get the food taken out when you check in! And always stand with three large men dressed up as you!

My biggest challenge this week: getting back into a workout routine.

I am most proud of: confessing to my friend the murder of my hotel minibar.

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