The Dance Your Ass Off host writes about slipping up before son Zev's first birthday party in her exclusive blog

By People Staff
Updated July 20, 2009 07:10 PM
Credit: Bruce Glikas

On every dieter’s weight-loss journey, there are triumphs and trip-ups. For Marissa Jaret Winokur, planning for her son Zev’s first birthday party on Saturday presented a major stumbling block.

In planning for his big celebration, the Dance Your Ass Off host, 36, found temptation, well, a little too tempting. Here, in her weekly weight loss-blog, she writes candidly about not being able to resist a house full of candy.

I sit here Monday morning with my blog overdue. It was a bad week here, and I kept thinking about how I could spin it! This week was spent planning for Zev’s first birthday – it started off bad and then it turned into a disaster! Every day I literally said, “Okay, tomorrow I will get back on track.” But tomorrow never came!

I did the whole party myself. I had a lot of people offer to help but it really meant a lot to me to do it alone. I came up with a great idea: Instead of one piñata, I bought 10 and hung them all in one tree and put a table of candy underneath it! Like a fool, I set up the candy in huge vases to see what I needed a full week ahead of the party! It was like I had my own Temptation Island in my living room!!! It was horrible and I lost the game.

Sugar Hangover

Because I had both my husband’s family and my family in town, there never was time to work out. NEVER. And we would eat out almost every meal! As the week progressed, it just got worse and worse till I finally just said, “Forget it – this week is a bust!”

By the time Zev’s birthday rolled around on Saturday, I was eating the chips and dip and didn’t care! If the birthday and all the guests weren’t enough stress, my sister is out of the country because she and her husband finally got the call that their adoption went through. So, Saturday night they met their new daughter and I was emailing her all night and eating Doritos for her and hoping everything was going as planned.

On Sunday, the madness continued as everyone came back over to the house to polish off the leftovers from Zev’s first fiesta (and not a healthy fiesta, either)! So, I now sit here on Monday morning with a total sugar hangover and I feel awful!

To be totally honest, all I want to do is sleep – I actually don’t WANT to work out. I feel horrible and scared to step on the scale. Life totally took over and if it weren’t for this blog, I would be wearing my PJs and staying in bed. BUT I am so thankful I have you guys to push me out of the OMG-I-messed-up-big-time funk and I promise myself and you to fix it this week. I still don’t want to work out but I will make myself. The sickest part is the leftover candy is still in my living room!!! OMG, I NEED AN INTERVENTION, FAST or just a big garbage bag ?

My biggest challenge this week: obviously, failing my biggest challenge. But I did throw an amazing first b-day party on my own!

I am most proud of: I’m not gonna lie – I’m proud of the fact there is still candy left over. It was a hard week.

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