Liv Tyler's trainer, Russell Bateman, talks about how the actress started working out again after giving birth to her third child

By Julie Mazziotta
November 27, 2017 03:30 PM

Between filming, photoshoots and caring for her three kids, Liv Tyler already has a non-stop schedule. But the supermom still manages to fit in time to work out, and got right back into fitness after giving birth in July 2016.

“She has so many things to try and jungle but she really is an example for modern day women and female empowerment,” her trainer, Russell Bateman, tells PEOPLE.

Tyler, 40, starting working out with Bateman at his invite-only London gym, The SBC, after delivering her daughter Lula Rose.

“Liv — like a lot of the girls I train — is just trying to become her most optimal self,” Bateman says. “Good sleep, rest and de-stressing all contribute to optimal shape and mood.”

While the workouts are different each time, Bateman has a few favorite moves to do with Tyler.

“Every session is an experience and never boring. Boredom is the enemy,” he says. “We do a mixture of SBC signature movements — like ropes, crawls, lunge patterns — along with more conventional moves with kettlebells and dumbbells and sled work.”

Credit: Liv Tyler/Instagram

Bateman says that Tyler brings 100 percent to every workout.

“She’s very balletic, and this is coupled with a strong work ethic which makes her a pleasure to train,” he says. “Anything that I say is going to be tough she treats as a challenge, and kills it.”

Tyler’s intense focus, Bateman says, is why her body is better than ever.

“Her results are the culmination of her mentality, good nutrition and hard work when we train.”

Tyler recently showed off those results in a new ad campaign for lingerie brand Triumph, though Bateman says she wasn’t working out specifically for the shoot.


Liv Tyler for Triumph

“We don’t really train for shoots or campaigns — we train for LIFE,” he says. “My ideal is that clients I train never really have to get into shape because they are consistent all year round. When I see them its all about progression, goals and contentment.”