Neon Moon lingerie encourages women to embrace their bodies just as they are

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated February 10, 2016 03:45 PM

Self-proclaimed feminist lingerie company Neon Moon encourages women to celebrate themselves with a new ad campaign that features models of all shapes, sizes and ages, with underarm hair, scars and stretch marks.

In the campaign video, the featured women share messages of self-love and body acceptance while wearing nothing but bras and underwear.

“All bodies are good bodies,” says one woman.

“I am not defined by my scars,” says another. “My scars are a part of me, and I love them.”

Other messages of empowerment include “My weight doesn’t define my self-worth,” and “I’m not living up to anyone’s expectations but my own.”

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Founder of New Moon Hayat Rachi created the brand in 2014 because she felt the lingerie industry was body shaming women, and wanted to create a brand that accepted all body types.

“Neon Moon doesn’t sexualize or objectify women,” reads the brand’s website. “There is a very narrow standard of ‘beauty’ in today’s society, and especially in the lingerie industry, which isn’t inclusive to women of all sizes and shapes who never feel represented. Neon Moon prides itself as a body-positive feminist lingerie brand, revolutionizing the lingerie industry.”

Rachi wants their ad campaigns to reflect women just as they are.

“When stretch marks, body hair, cellulite, scars, freckles and acne would usually be retouched away, Neon Moon embraces it,” wrote Rachi. “I designed every piece of lingerie so a person’s body creates the shape of the bra and brief, and not the other way around. Neon Moon is inspiring everyone to love the body they have.”