Leah Kelley/Instagram
November 27, 2015 02:30 PM

Leah Kelley is doing her best to redefine what “healthy” looks like.

The model has previously spoken out about having to gain weight to make it in the plus-size industry and consequently feeling unhealthy. She is now sharing the details of her journey to get back to her ideal weight – no matter what size that is.

In an Instagram post from last week featuring side-by-side pics of Kelley as a size 16 then and a size 8 now, with the caption, “Been feeling myself all along” written across the bottom, she writes about the importance of confidence in being healthy.

“I may have lost a lot of weight over the years as I started to add the gym and healthier eating habits into my life, but that does not mean I was unconfident or did not love myself like most ‘before’ stories go,” Kelley, 28, writes. “It is so important to love the body you have now while healthily working for the body you want.”

She continues, “I wanted to be healthier and my body naturally lost enough weight until I found my happy medium around a size 8. I fluctuate too which is normal. I might be a 10 once it starts snowing and don’t go to the gym as often and that’s ok. I may lose some weight too, who knows?”

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Kelley finishes her post with inspiring words about confidence and self-love.

“I was, and am not worried about what size I ‘should’ be. No size defines worthiness, value, hotness, or beauty,” she writes. “All that comes from within and absolutely begins with #confidence. Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it. #loveyourself #bodylove #everyBodyisbeautiful #sizesexy #thickandtoned #feelingmyself.”

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