Lea Michele stays motivated to work out by planning a delicious meal for after her gym session

By Kristen Caires
Updated December 19, 2016 09:59 AM
Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Lea Michele’s enviable body and radiant glow are proof she has her wellness routine all figured out. But, there come those days for all of us when a hectic schedule makes fitting in a gym session seem impossible — so, what does the Scream Queens star, 30, tell herself to stay motivated to workout?

“Knowing that I can eat whatever I want afterward always makes me feel good!” she tells PEOPLE at the AeriREAL pop-up shop in New York on Thursday. “I need a goal at the end of anything that I do.”

When pushing through a workout, Michele reminds herself that “at the end, there’s this great place that I’m going to get the most delicious salad or sushi!”

In addition to post-workout meal motivation, she also relies on her pals: “I work out with friends often and I hate bailing on my friends,” she says. “If I make a plan, I don’t like to cancel it, so I always work out with a buddy and it helps me to be accountable,” adding, “You just feel so good after you work out.”

She complements her fitness routine with a healthy diet.

“I just did vegan for the past four weeks,” she shares. “And I did an amazing cleanse, the Beaming cleanse. That’s my new favorite.”

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Michele is already feeling the benefits of the cleanse, which incorporates “amazing” vegan dishes, salads and soups in addition to juices.

“I did it for a week and I feel great,” she says. “My skin looks amazing and I’ve been sleeping really well.”

It’s obvious Michele has her wellness routine on lock, but she doesn’t drive herself crazy trying to get her body to look a certain way.

“Working out for me isn’t just about changing my body or making myself look thin — it’s about feeling good,” she says.

The actress previously told PEOPLE she has felt better about her body after turning 30 than ever before.

“I’ve never loved my body more than I do right now,” she said in September. “And I’m so grateful that I feel that way.”