"I'm not a lunging, squatting human," Kirstie Alley tells PEOPLE

By Gabrielle Olya and Gillian Telling
Updated September 01, 2016 10:30 AM
Brian Doben

Kirstie Alley is in the best shape of her life – but it’s actually not due to frequent trips to the gym.

“I do stay active, but I hate the gym,” the actress, 65, tells PEOPLE. “It bores the bejeezus out of me. I’m not a lunging, squatting human.”

Instead, Alley opts to get her exercise in by other means.

“I’ll do things that sound fun like a dance class or yoga, or I’ll walk or run,” she says. “Sometimes it’s just whatever my friends are doing.”

She also avoids eating at night.

“I’m not hungry after 7 p.m. so that’s helpful,” says Alley.

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When she does want to indulge, the former Cheers star opts for pasta.

“The one thing I could mass eat if I unleashed myself is linguini with clams,” says Alley. “That wine and butter and broth – it just feels good.”