George Napolitano/FilmMagic
March 31, 2008 12:30 PM

Kim Kardashian has been trying to eat better in 2008 – a resolution she made after downing deep fried Oreo cookies on New Year’s Eve – but her adoration for junk food has been hard to curb.

“I figured just eating well would help me lose five pounds or so,” Kardashian, 27, tells PEOPLE, admitting that three months into the New Year, her diet isn’t getting any better. “It’s so hard to eat well because I love so many unhealthy foods. I just can’t stop eating junk. It’s awful!”

Kardashian, who served as the Celebrity Hostess of Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando on Sunday night, lamented a disastrous trip to the International House of Pancakes earlier in the afternoon. “I decided not to have pancakes, because those aren’t good for me and I didn’t want the carbs. So what did I get? Chicken strips. I knew they were bad for me, but they were worth it.”

For now, Kardashian is relying on exercise to keep her figure. “I’ve got a personal trainer who keeps me active,” she says. “I work my butt and legs just about every day, and I do cardio to burn fat. I’ve actually started videotaping my workouts so I can do them on the road. I’m going to start selling the videos soon on my Web site so that others can do the same workout that I do. They’re short videos, but if you do them one right after the other, it’s a really good workout.”

One person who loves her curvy body, regardless of what she puts into it: boyfriend Reggie Bush, who hung out with some of the wrestlers while Kardashian rehearsed. “He doesn’t care what I eat,” says Kardashian. “He loves me just the way I am.”

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