The actress exercises and eats well but has a weakness for "French food and anything creamy"

By Carlos Greer
Updated January 28, 2011 12:35 PM
Jason DeCrow/AP

Kim Cattrall is famous for her svelte figure, but the Sex and the City star admits it’s not easy staying slim – especially as she ages.

“I’ve been dieting my whole life because I have a tremendous appetite,” she said recently at a brunch at Butter in New York to announce her new role as the spokeswoman for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

Luckily Cattrall, 54, says that she grew up with a healthy attitude about food and exercise. “This generation of women that I’m in, we have been brought up with Jane Fonda workout tapes and fresh air is good for you and exercise every day and drink eight cups of water…. and it’s paid off at this time of my life,” says the actress. “It gets harder because parts of my body don’t want to be on a diet, but at the same time it gets me up in the morning to work out.”

So, what is her culinary weakness? “I make a really mean chocolate cake and a glass of milk. French food and anything creamy and whippy,” she adds. “And sometimes, it’s a drink – Campari and tonic [is my favorite].”

And while she she is stepping back into the dating pool, that isn’t the reason she maintains her figure. “I don’t do it for a guy. I do it for me. It’s about taking care of yourself.”

As for romance, Cattrall, who split from husband Mark Levinsonin 2003 says, “I am starting to date, but I’m just dipping my toes. I think, especially at this point in my life, I feel pretty happy. I like who I’ve become and it s changing always. I’m kind of embracing that.”