Khloé Kardashian demonstrates her go-to moves for working out her butt

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated December 02, 2016 02:14 PM

Khloé Kardashian is breaking down her favorite butt-toning workout moves in a vintage-y exercise video she created for Vogue.

“First we’re going to start with a general warm up where we are going to want the blood to circulate,” says the reality star, 32, before demonstrating a jump squat, in which she jumps in and out of a doubled-up rope moving her legs together and apart into a squatting position.

Next, Kardashian demonstrates squat lateral raises, in which she squats and alternates lifting her left and right legs.

The third move is a back lunge into a side squat, which she makes more challenging by putting the stationary leg on a Bosu ball.

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Next Kardashian shows how to do a sandbag bridge to “work on the biggest part of your booty.”

With your back on a Bosu ball and feet planted on the ground, left your hips up and down in a bridge pose with a sandbag added to the hips for extra weight.

“Clench your booty and make sure you breathe,” advises Kardashian.

The final two moves are a one leg dead lift with a kettle bell, in which she bends over and thrusts forward while holding a kettle bell, and a clean squat using a sandbag as a weight.

“These are my sculpting moves to look fabulous in your denim,” says Kardashian. “And remember, you never regret doing your workout — you only regret not doing your workout.”