September 09, 2015 02:25 PM

When Khari Touré found out his 6-year-old daughter Nia was being teased about her weight at school, he decided to fight back with positivity.

Instead of confronting the bully or his parents, he encouraged Nia to embrace self-love – and then turned his inspiring message into a rap song with the title “Love Yourself.”

“A parent’s first reaction, of course, is anger, but instead, I said, ‘You’re beautiful Nia,’ ” Touré, 45, tells PEOPLE. “I said, ‘We’re going to make a song. Daddy’s going to take you to the studio, and I’m going to make you your own video.’ ”

The song encourages all three of his daughters to take pride in their bodies and themselves, and not listen to anyone that may criticize them.

It also offers a mantra for anyone who is feeling bullied to repeat to themselves: “I’m beautiful/ I’m worthy/ And those mean words/ Can’t hurt me/ I’m priceless/ I’m smart/ And I love myself/ I’m focused on my health.”

“I just wanted to create a video for children who have been bullied so that they can feel empowered,” says the Oakland, California-based spoken word artist.

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In addition to his daughters, the video for “Love Yourself” also features his friend’s daughter Ava, who has autism, as well as other children with special needs.

“I wanted to incorporate them and let all children know, no matter what, you’re beautiful and you’re worthy of happiness,” says Touré.

The music video already has over a million views, and the feedback Touré has received has been extremely positive.

“The comments have made me break down in tears,” he says. “I always try to do something positive, so it makes me feel good that it’s going viral, and that it’s touching so many lives.”

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