"I still don't believe this craziness for being skinny," the Revolutionary Road star says

By People Staff
Updated January 02, 2009 11:50 AM

Forget trainers and two-hour gym workouts. Kate Winslet has another secret to her movie-star figure: 20 minutes and a DVD.

Winslet, who at 33 is a slim size 6 (UK size 10), tells the UK edition of Elle that “I don’t go to the gym because I don t have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home.”

And, Winslet says, she’s been the same since she had her second child, Joe, five years ago.

“I still don’t believe this craziness for being skinny, but I eat sensibly and I don’t stuff down chocolate biscuits,” she tells the magazine in its February edition.

Despite a set of stunning, sexy shots in Elle that show off her body, she is modest about her shape, calling herself “pretty average.” She adds, “I have cellulite, I have a rumply tummy and my boobs have dropped. I did think that post-kids, my sex scenes days were over.”

Far from it. Both her current movies – Revolutionary Road, directed by her second husband Sam Mendes, 43, and costarring Leonardo DiCaprio, and The Reader – contain sex scenes.

Winslet also talks about her enduring friendship with DiCaprio, the Titanic costar with whom she broke box-office records a decade ago. “He’s part of the family and I love that he’s matured into this kind, dedicated man. When we work together we instinctively know what the other one is thinking.”

As for the legacy of Titanic, the English-born New Yorker says she has an “absolute fear” that her daughter Mia, 8, is now old enough to watch the biggest movie of her mom’s career while on a playdate. “It may sound silly,” she tells Elle, “but I want that to be something we all share as a family.”