"Of course I diet for roles," says the actress. "Everyone does"

By Liza Hamm
Updated January 24, 2009 05:30 AM

Julianne Moore doesn’t believe in red roses on Valentine’s Day.

“It’s more important for us to make time to see each other during the year,” the actress tells Redbook of her husband, director Bart Freundlich. “We don’t schedule it, but we make an effort to have some time alone.”

The couple, who have been together 12 years and married five, are raising their kids, Caleb, 11, and Liv, 6, in New York City.

A typical day at home involves dinner, homework and bath time. “They’re allowed to watch TV only on weekends,” she says.

The actress is also candid about Hollywood’s obsession to weight. “Of course, I diet for roles; everyone does,” she tells the magazine, which hits newsstands Jan. 27.

As for turning older? “When you’re younger, you’re always working for something, and now you realize, this is really it,” says Moore, 48. “You’d better be enjoying this, because this is pretty good.”