Courtesy PETA
November 18, 2015 11:35 AM

Like fellow singer [CELEBRITY_LINK” “” “” “0” ] before her, Joss Stone is asking everyone to “leave the wildlife out of their wardrobe” by posing naked for PETA.

The longtime vegetarian, 28, is painted to look like a crocodile in the ad to protest the killing of reptiles to make shoes, handbags, belts and other accessories, according to PETA.

Stone, who was voted PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2005, talked about her support for the movement as an animal lover.

“Although I’m not as familiar with crocodiles as I am with dogs and horses, I know that all animals are capable of suffering,” Stone says in a statement to PEOPLE. “I hope when people see footage of what happens to crocodiles and alligators killed for their skin to be turned into handbags, they’ll join me in leaving wildlife out of their wardrobes.”

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PETA is working to end the practice of killing and skinning reptiles for fashion after the group exposed the poor conditions at the crocodile and alligator farms that supply the skins to Hermes.

“Exotic animals have souls, never wear them,” the ad says. “3 animals are killed to make 1 crocodile bag. Say NO to exotic animal skins.”

The singer previously went bare for the animal rights organization in 2011, to protest killing bears to make hats.

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