The star of a steamy new Lifetime movie says his new exercise regimen has given him "a great ass"

By Rennie Dyball
Updated February 04, 2012 02:15 PM
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

These days, John Stamos is as well known for his age-defying looks as he is for his portrayal of Uncle Jesse on Full House.

Despite this sentiment (there are 1.7 million Google results for “John Stamos doesn’t age”), the 48-year-old actor says he works hard to maintain his physique.

“I started Pilates,” he revealed on The Talk Thursday, adding that he keeps up with the exercise classes despite the fact that “I’m the only guy in there.”

“They plot before I get there: ‘How can we make John look ridiculous?’ ” Stamos said on the show. “Because every exercise involved my legs up, like I’m in the stirrups or something.”

“But the good thing is, I have a beautiful woman’s body now,” he added. “I have a great ass now.”

And while he’s long-wrapped filming for his upcoming steamy Lifetime movie Secrets of Eden, it seems that he’s still practicing Pilates.

When guest co-host Kelly Osbourne remarked that she’s unsuccessfully trying to get her father, Ozzy Osbourne to start taking classes, Stamos stepped up to help.

“I’ll take him,” Stamos offered. “Can you imagine?”