The Today correspondent says it "broke my heart" to find her resolution from age 10

By Julie Mazziotta
January 05, 2016 03:55 PM
Ben Gabbe/Getty

Jenna Bush Hager is saying a big “NO!” to obsessing about her weight in the New Year.

The Today correspondent explained Monday that she found her fourth-grade diary while home for the holidays, with an entry from Jan. 1, 1991 resolving to lose “four pounds.”

“[The diary] broke my heart,” Bush Hager, 34, writes on

“Although, I was a chubby child of the ’80s, I can’t believe I was thinking about my weight at 10 years old.”

Finding the journal made Bush Hager reflect on how she’s approached dieting in the past.

“It made me think about how many years I have, in some form, thought about losing weight at the beginning of the year,” she says. “Twenty years? Twenty-five? Is losing weight the end goal? Should it be?”

Which is why she’s choosing to focus on her health rather than a number on the scale.

“This year I have decided a decisive ‘NO!’ – even though I have a 4 month old and weight to lose, not to mention a job which also publicly adds ten pounds. Or so they say!”

Bush Hager plans on staying firm in her decision to stop obsessing about her weight, even though as a correspondent on national television she’s often criticized for her appearance.

“Because of my job, my looks are open to constant discussion on social media,” she explains. “But I’ve decided that none of these matter enough to add ‘lose weight’ to the list of goals I love making for myself every year.”

And with two daughters – Mila, 2, and Poppy, 4 months – she wants to set a strong example for them.

“This 30-something is figuring out what matters: becoming a healthier mom for her babes.”