Widerstrom discusses Lauren and Erin's progress in her behind-the-scenes look at week five

By Jen Widerstrom
Updated February 01, 2016 11:00 PM
Credit: NBC

Jen Widerstrom is a trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. In her first season on the show, Jen successfully coached Toma Dobrosavljevic to the winner’s podium. As she works to maintain her perfect winning average in season 17, her second season on the show, Jen will blog each week about the latest episode. Follow her on Twitter: @JenWiderstrom.. The Biggest Loser is on NBC at 9 p.m. ET.

Why are we are own worst critics? And further, why do we only give power to moments that bring us down and overlook the ones that are proof of our strength? I’ve said it on the show and I’ll say it again and again. You will fail your way to success! Mistakes become lessons learned. Falling just short of a goal becomes motivation for the next one. But owning it when you actually accomplish that goal is just as important!! By not acknowledging success when you cross those finish lines you will literally stand in the way of your growth.

RELATED: Jen Widerstrom’s The Biggest Loser Blog: Learning from Toy’s LossLauren. My girl, my barbell sister has become my greatest emotional transformation of the season. She was in the trenches every week hiding behind her physical strength while battling her ability to acknowledge her internal strength. Even though some weeks were better than others for her, she kept herself in a position to grow by simply considering that she was capable of more than she was giving herself credit for.

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“What if I try to just run a little faster?” “What if I am strong enough to be on the ranch without Mama?” “What if I start to take a leadership role on this team?” “What if I can make it to singles??? Makeover week?? FINALS?!” The moment Lauren took time to consider bigger questions and bigger possibilities, she got results on the inside that matched the outside.

RELATED: Jen Widerstrom’s The Biggest Loser Blog: You Have to Find Your CommunityI found Erin in a similar position. Although she was living in a bit more possibility than Lauren was, Erin’s vision always had a cap on it. After our breakthrough on the treadmill my only question was WHY??

Why not you, Erin to make it to another week on the ranch?

Why not you, Erin to win challenges?

Why not you, Erin to become a finalist??


Erin’s personality is so positive and self-deprecating that she actually would set herself up for failure on the assumption that that was her place. The moment she looked at what she could do versus what she couldn’t do, everything changed for her.

RELATED: Jen Widerstrom’s The Biggest Loser Blog: What I Love About Colby WrightDo not assume failure guys. Do not assume ‘I can’t.’ Instead, please consider what’s possible and just as important. Celebrate every benchmark.