James Corden doesn't care for dancers in the gym – especially if they're oily

By Char Adams
Updated August 30, 2016 11:20 AM
Credit: CBS

James Corden has gotten out of the carpool lane and into the gym – he poked fun at Kanye West‘s “Fade” music video in a skit on The Late Late Show called “Don’t Exercise in Kanye West’s Gym.”

“Do you mind? It’s sort of a public gym,” Corden says as he watches Teyana Taylor‘s Flashdance-esque performance around their “shared” workout equipment.

“I think there’s actually a dance space next door that would be better than doing it amongst the equipment,” the 38-year-old host says as an annoyed gym-goer.

In West’s music video, Taylor, 25, dances around a gym wearing only a sports bra and underwear. Her chiseled abs and toned arms and legs are on full display as she enjoyed a very sweaty workout.

But Corden doesn’t seem too pleased when his face gets splashed.

“That’s too much oil,” he says. “No one needs that much oil.”

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The end of West’s music video shows Taylor with a man and child surrounded by sheep, which prompts Corden to note the gym’s apparent “No Sheep in the Gym” policy.

“Guys, it could not be clearer!” the host jokes. “Read the sign, okay. A lot of us only joined the gym because of its ‘zero sheep’ policy.”