Italian model Cristian had ink injected into his eyes to look like an alien

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated February 23, 2016 11:55 AM
Credit: Bodyshockers

Move over E.T.

Cristian is an Italian model with over 60 percent of his body covered in tattoos – including his eyes – all to look like an extraterrestrial.

“I want to look like alien, or look like from another planet,” Cristian (who did not give his last name) says in a clip from last week’s episode of Bodyshockers.

Cristian, 27, is working on covering his body in tattoos to look as unique as possible.

“For me, the look is very important,” he says. “Some people go to the gym or get a haircut to look good. For me, a tattoo is the same.”

His eventual goal is to be almost completely inked.

“I want to cover my body with 90 percent of tattoos,” Cristian says. “I don’t like to see the white parts.”

But his eyes, which he had permanently injected with black ink, are some of his favorite tattoos.

“I love my black eyes, I think they are amazing,” Cristian says.

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While some, like Cristian, choose to get eye tattoos, or corneal tattoos, for cosmetic reasons, it’s also a medical solution for people with eye injuries or scarring.

Doctors can inject dye into the eye to make it appear normal again, and boost a patient’s self-esteem.

For Cristian, though, it’s purely for cosmetic reasons.

“I love the tattoos,” he says. “Now I use these to be an alternative fashion model.”