Feeling self-conscious, Kerri Verna deleted a photo because a commenter said she looked fat

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated February 18, 2016 09:35 AM

Kerri Verna is a role model for yogis as she twists and turns in her popular Instagram, @beachyogagirl, but she's not immune to body shaming.

The yoga instructor from Palm Beach, Florida, boasts almost one million followers, but she let the body doubt creep in when she posted a photo of herself in white leggings, and one commenter wrote about "what a large a$$ I had and that I shouldn't wear white," Verna says.

"Even though I'm totally happy with my body and completely self confident with my body image, I will say on that particular day I wasn't feeling my best," she explains in a post, this time with a photo of her looking strong in white shorts. "I immediately deleted the photo and began to look closely at all my photos. Not that I thought I was ‘fat' but I began to question wearing white and if it ‘made me look fat.' "

But she quickly came to her senses, Verna says, and realized that she should feel confident in herself.

"After a good night sleep, I woke up the next day wondering WHY IN THE WORLD did I let some random internet ‘troll' bother me so much as to actually delete a photo!!"

"You see, these photos are for me and no one else. I love fashion, photography, puppies, yoga, fitness, and the beach. They ARE all FOR ME and I'm quite happy with who I AM. If someone is inspired by me that makes it even better."

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And she's encouraging other women not to let the body-shamers bring them down.

"Women OF ALL SIZES need to LOVE their bodies and wear white shorts if you want to!" Verna writes. "If you like it, wear it … NEVER let anyone's opinion make you feel bad or shameful about your body. It's just a shell … It doesn't define you."