Courtesy Taylor Giavasis
November 14, 2015 04:20 PM

Taylor Giavasis wanted to photograph her friend in a way that made her feel good about her body, and when she saw how happy the pictures made her, she decided to do the same for other females in her life.

The 18-year-old began posting these raw, un-retouched images of the female form on the Instagram account @thenakeddiaries, and from there the account blossomed. It now has over 41,000 followers, and features photos submitted by women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

“I want to depict the beauty of natural females,” Giavasis tells PEOPLE. “I think many people try to hide if they grow extra hair, have one boob bigger than another, or any other natural thing that we look at as ‘flaws.'”

Giavasis wants women to embrace the aspects of their bodies that make them one-of-a-kind.

“Real beauty is what makes you unique,” she says. “It’s curves, stretch marks, moles, laugh lines, skinny and thick legs. I want to depict the beauty of uniqueness, and hopefully teach people they should celebrate what they think their flaws are.”

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The Los Angeles-based photographer hopes her account can provide a reality check in a world full of filtered images.

“During a time that people will do anything for a ‘like’ or retweet, I hope to infuse a dose of reality and hope to show the girls that we should love ourselves just as we are, and not based on what other people think is acceptable,” she says. “I hope to make people be secure with all aspects of themselves.”

Giavasis has been overwhelmed by all the positive feedback she has received.

“It’s all amazing,” she says. “Just allowing girls to have a different perspective and seeing them blossom is such an amazing feeling.”

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