Apparel company Wry Baby removed the item from its offerings after being accused of fat-shaming babies

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated March 18, 2015 06:40 PM
Credit: Courtesy Wry Baby

Can a baby be fat-shamed?

The apparel company Wry Baby has come under fire for selling onesies that read “I Hate My Thighs.”

Wry Baby was publicly condemned by Ms. magazine senior editor Michele Kort, who wrote a blog post critiquing the design.

“There’s something icky about projecting fat awareness on babies,” wrote Kort. “The Wry Baby website deems this ‘a tiny statement regarding self-image.’ Hahaha. Actually, it’s a pretty large statement for a 10-pounder to be making – a harbinger of things to come later in a child’s life, especially if that child is a girl.”

Kort isn’t the only one who took issue with the baby apparel.

“Not a huge fan of the I hate my thighs onesie … even as a joke,” Tweeted mommy blogger Anna Miller. “Body issues too young.”

“Training girls to hate their bodies,” Tweeted journalist Nina Diamond.

Since Kort’s blog post, Wry Baby has removed the controversial onesie from its available apparel, replacing it with a onesie that says “Love for My Legrolls” after letting shoppers vote for which design they prefer.

“We couldn’t agree more about body image,” the company posted in the comments section of the Ms. blog. “That’s why we made an ironic joke about it. Obviously no baby would or should hate their thighs!”

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