Blake Milchuck did a CrossFit workout while strapping a 14-lb. medicine ball "baby" to his stomach

February 23, 2017 10:34 AM

Kristin Milchuck is still hitting the CrossFit gym at 37 weeks pregnant, and her husband Blake wanted to see just how challenging her workout would be with a pregnant belly.

To find out, Blake strapped a 14-lb. medicine ball to his stomach and went through some of his wife’s CrossFit training moves, which he fortunately captured on video and shared on Instagram.

In the video, Blake is seen panting while jumping over hurdles and doing push-ups, all while carrying the extra weight of the medicine ball.

Blake Milchuck
Source: CrossFit Krypton/Instagram

“How’s that feeling?” someone off-camera asks Blake, to which he very honestly replies, “It does not feel good.”

And while Kristin is seen effortlessly using a row machine in the background, when Blake takes his turn it appears to be more of a struggle. He also seems barely able to make it through a ride on a stationary bike while clutching his medicine ball “baby.”

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“@kmilchuck is a badass and still hitting the gym,” he captioned the video. “Figured i could be a good sport and see whats its like #37week #14lbbaby #noteasy.”

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