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May 20, 2014 09:25 AM

Hugh Jackman has already mastered the art of the blades that protrude from his knuckles as Logan in Wolverine, but recently he was spotted working with a more old-fashioned weapon – a sword.

The 45-year-old star, who recently underwent skin cancer surgery on his face, was seen training in a park overlooking the Hudson River in New York with martial arts champion Jamie Goulding for his role as Blackbeard in his latest flick, Pan.

“He’s got a really good work ethic,” says Goulding, the fight scene coordinator for the film. “He works really, really hard.”

So how hard does one actually have to work to maneuver with a sword?

“To start with, I taught him kickboxing,” Goulding says. “We did footwork, then we moved on to the weapons and the sword.”

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This two-hour workout isn’t as simple as it may sound, with the warm-up alone probably leaving most people panting for breath.

“I always change the warm-up so it’s fresh,” says Goulding. “We start with jogging on the spot, some skipping, then we go into upper body, then we go into burpees to get the full body going.”

Despite telling fans recently that he "whines" and "complains" about training, the Aussie brought his A-game with Goulding.

“He just wanted to train and train and train, that s all he wanted to do,” says the martial arts champion.

As for how Jackman fared as a swashbuckler? “He has great coordination with the hands,” says Goulding. “He picked it all up really quick!”

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