"It sort of feels like a character," she admits, but "it's still me"

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated December 05, 2008 03:00 PM
Credit: Peter Lindbergh/Harper's Bazaar

Image is so important to Victoria Beckham that she has it down to a science.

As for her lab, “It’s funny,” she tells January’s Harper’s Bazaar, on sale Dec. 16, “I go to the gym now.”

Once there, “I run four miles a day,” says the “very disciplined” mom of three boys: Brooklyn, 9; Romeo, 6; and Cruz, 3. Then, “I go into hair and makeup, and I turn into ‘Victoria Beckham.’ ”

As for what that entails, “I’ll try on all my dresses, and I’ll pick out a handbag, and I’ll put on the shades. I instantly turn into this person, and it sort of feels like a character. And there are so many pictures of it … But it’s a true character because it s still me.”

Most pictures parade her patented pout – dubbed her “Blue Steel” look – though she admits to lightening up: “I have started smiling … I’ve mastered this smirk; it’s a smile that isn’t a smile.”

High on Heels

But what hasn’t disappeared are her trademark high heels, though some have deemed them as impractical. “Oh, c’mon,” she insists, “they’re not that hard to walk in … They’re not uncomfortable! [But] you have to go to a sex shop to get this spray to polish them.”

As for how she dresses when the paparazzi are not following her, Beckham, 34, says, “I run around the house in a tracksuit sometimes.”

Outside the house – where she likes to take walks with her family – is another matter.

“If I go to the supermarket looking like s—, that affects my work. I am selling an image. Plus, I have fun with it,” she says. “I tell you, the paparazzi would not be sitting outside if they realized I was the most boring person in Hollywood.”