By Maria Yagoda
Updated May 09, 2016 03:30 PM

Roughly 100 mothers joined forces in Hong Kong this weekend to protest discrimination against breastfeeding in public. Their protest method of choice? Breastfeeding in public, of course.

The non-profit group MamaMilk Baby Alliance organized the event to raise awareness of the discrimination women face for breastfeeding in public places. According to a new Unicef study of 3,545 women in Hong Kong, 40% of mothers who’ve breastfeed in public have had unpleasant experiences – 90% of those mothers says they were stared at, and 30% said they were asked to breastfeed somewhere else.

The flash mob on Saturday, which took place in Hong Kong’s New Territories, was also a fundraiser: Organizers sold paper fans and accepted donations to raise money for training seminars for new mothers, Mashable reports.

A spokesperson for MamaMilkBabyAlliance told the South China Morning Post that women are often asked to feed their babies in toilets, and that most Hong Kong malls don’t have dedicated facilities in which women can breastfeed.