Hilaria Baldwin revealed how she was staying fit and healthy after giving birth to her son, Leonardo Ángel Charles

By Yvonne Juris
July 22, 2017 02:45 PM

Hilaria Baldwin revealed how she was staying fit and healthy after giving birth to her son, Leonardo Ángel Charles.

On Friday, Baldwin shared a split photo on Instagram showing one shot from last summer when she was pregnant with her son — who is now 10 months old — and a photo from this summer. In the more recent picture, Baldwin has a flat stomach and abs.

Along with the before-and-after pic, the yoga instructor wrote a long caption for the post, talking about how she was able to get in shape.

Credit: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

“People will ask me all the time what my regimen is after having a baby. I’ll tell you: it’s nothing crazy,” wrote Baldwin. “It’s about balance and consistency.” In the post, she also talks about her diet and her “tremendous respect for the human body.”

“I am having such a different summer than last year. These pics are taken roughly a year apart. We were waiting for #LeoAngel during these hot months in 2016.

“People who have dinner with me will be surprised that I will often order pasta and dessert, she continued. “They judgingly assume that I eat lettuce and drink water only😂. Definitely not. I have learned to become present to the act of eating, so I enjoy it the most, and don’t eat more than is good for my body.

“I also will try to move daily and get in more intense (yet efficient) workouts 4-5 times a week,” she continued. “I basically treat my body with care and respect…this is why it goes back to close to what it was pre-babies (it will never be the same…and, as all parents know: well worth the sacrifice ❤️).”

The Living Clearly Method author also talked about “feeling good” and the importance of eating better, working out and dedicating “yourself to a purpose in life that you feel proud about.” Those “ingredients,” says Baldwin, help to make a life more balanced and also helps one to get in better shape.

“I have dedicated myself to yoga and health because I have such tremendous respect for the human body. And I want to teach other people to feel good and be comfortable in their skin. I hold for everyone the belief that it is possible and very much attainable. If we don’t have our health, we don’t have much.

“Life is tremendous and we should live it to its fullest,” she said. “Feeling good and strong is essential. It has nothing to do with looking a certain way. This is not vanity. This is cooking up a recipe of health. How you end up looking is a side effect of focusing on treating your body and soul well.

“Put in certain ingredients: working out, happiness, eating whole foods, sleeping, dedicating yourself to a purpose in life that you feel proud about, finding balance, dealing better with stress, perspective, love, kindness… I believe if we incorporate these ingredients into our lives on a regular basis, we find health and happiness,” she said. “So: with all this rambling, I encourage you to think less about what you look like (so stressful), and focus on if you are putting healthy ingredients into your life…the food, the exercise, the right people, the right experiences…they all add up into your life story. And you are so worth it.”

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Only four months after she and Alec Baldwin welcomed their second son, Baldwin looked like she was well on her way to getting her trim yoga body back. The yoga expert made an appearance on NBC’s Today with guest-host Katie Couric, and demonstrated a headstand at Couric’s suggestion.

The Baldwin’s also daughter Carmen, 3, and and Rafael, 12.