Don't worry, Ellen! Heidi has a "certificate from the lice fairies!"

By Char Adams
Updated October 29, 2015 01:40 PM
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Lice are no laughing matter to Ellen DeGeneres.

The comedian sat down with Heidi Klum on Tuesday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show and was shocked to learn that the model and her kids recently got over a pesky bout of lice.

“Why are you booked here today? I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t you just stay home and say ‘I’ll come next week or something?’ ” the host asked.

Klum, 42, explained that her kids contracted lice after a nurse discovered the tiny, ectoparasites in her daughter’s hair – “That’s why I didn’t hug her,” DeGeneres told the audience.

The 57-year-old host seemed concerned, asking Klum, “Do you bathe?”

The Project Runway judge reassured DeGeneres that she is “lice free now” and even has a “certificate from the lice fairies.”

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“We had the lice fairies come over to our house,” Klum explained.

“They are these fairies that come to the house and they brush you for hours and get all these lice out of your hair!”