The reality star has been flaunting her body in Costa Rica – but does it look more natural to you?

By People Staff
September 08, 2010 01:00 PM
Credit: Pacific Coast News(2)

She’s Tweeted about massaging her breast implants to keep them soft, worried about her nose falling off and complained of jaw pain recently – but Heidi Montag doesn’t want to be a cautionary tale against plastic surgery.

After her jaw-dropping (or is that tightening) 10 plastic surgeries in one day last November, the former Hills star told PEOPLE she was on a journey to become “the best me.”

On her recent trip to Costa Rica, Montag, 23, has been flaunting her body, posing in a bikini in the water while still sporting a bandage on her nose. Why? “To keep the swelling down and hold my nose in place the way [my plastic surgeon] Dr. Ryan sculpted it,” she has said.

Despite all the work she’s had done, Montag is going a more natural route now. “I haven’t colored my roots for 4 months,” she Tweeted recently. “I want my hair to be natural and healthy for the first time in years!”

Overall, Montag is looking more natural. Has her post-surgery body settled?