By Gabrielle Olya
Updated November 11, 2016 09:46 AM

Austin Shifflett lost 166 lbs. by sticking to the Atkins diet, but his extreme weight loss left him with excess skin.

“Around my teenage years, I started trading in sports for video games and fast food, and that’s when my weight really spiraled out of control,” the 23-year-old — who was featured in PEOPLE’s Half Their Size issue earlier this year — says on Friday’s episode of The Doctors, hosted by Dr. Travis Stork.

“I recall one day at my friend’s house, weighing myself and it said 324 lbs.,” he continues. “I knew that couldn’t be right. It had never been that high. So I stepped off of the scale, stepped back on, and it said the exact same number. I was just crushed and I knew I had to make a change.”

Credit: Courtesy The Doctors

Shifflett originally appeared on the syndicated talk show in May, when Stork revealed he would be receiving free skin removal surgery performed courtesy of Drs. Neil Zemmel and Steven Montante.

“I’ve been waiting for this surgery for over six years,” says Shifflett.

To see the results of his two skin removal surgeries, which removed a total of 8 lbs. of skin, check your local listings and tune in to The Doctors on Friday.