Don't worry, there will be collagen martinis!

By Catherine Kast
May 19, 2017 12:11 PM

Gwyneth Paltrow knows you think her views on wellness are ridiculous, but she has a sense of humor about it.

The actress-turned-entrepreneur created a video teasing what’s to come at her upcoming In Goop Health wellness summit on June 10. “You’re probably thinking this is one of those crazy upscale events where we drink kale smoothies and get stung by bees on purpose. And you’re right, it is,” she says in the video on Omaze. “But it’s so much more than that … a wellness summit to end all wellness summits if you will.”

Paltrow goes on to explain what kind of over-the-top activities will be offered at her faux-summit.

“Take grounding, for example, a.k.a. getting in touch with the earth by making direct contact with the ground,” she says. “Again, I know what you’re saying: ‘Gwyneth, couldn’t I just roll around in my own yard like a dog who’s confused about wearing a sweater?’ Sure! You could also roll around in this … You guessed it, 100 percent organic turf collected by hand from the base of Mount Vesuvius. They say it’s the same stuff used to landscape heaven, but at $11,000 a square foot, I doubt it.”

All this poking fun at herself is for a good cause. Fans can use Paltrow’s page on Omaze to enter a raffle to win a trip to L.A. to attend the real wellness summit — including flights and hotel accommodations — and proceeds go to the GOOD+ foundation. The nonprofit GOOD+ was founded by Paltrow’s longtime pal Jessica Seinfeld to help combat family poverty by donating essential children’s products and more.

In addition to perks like getting an aura photograph and access to a specially curated Goop pop-up shop, the winner will also receive an invite to an intimate lunch with Paltrow at the summit. “We’ll also chat about everyday things, your job, travel plans, vaginal steaming,” she deadpans. “Nothing is too trivial.”

Just to be clear, if you do get to attend the real-life event, you won’t actually get stung by any bees on purpose (though that is something Paltrow has actually done), but there will be collagen martinis, marijuana edibles and I.V. vitamin drips.

Are you in?