Women are handed cards from a group called Overweight Haters Ltd. on the subway

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated November 30, 2015 03:55 PM
Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty

Kara Florish was riding the tube in London on Saturday when someone from the group Overweight Haters Ltd. handed her a card that says “Fat” on one side, with a long rant against “fat people” on the other.

Florish tweeted about the incident, saying, “was handed this card on the underground. is hateful + cowardly +could potentially upset people struggling with confidence,” and posted images of the card.

She also posted about it on Facebook, calling for others to post about the issue, and adding that she’s not obese and smaller than the national average in England.

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Twitter user Sean Thomas Knox says he thinks he witnessed a member of the group handing out the same card to another woman.

“Young man just got on the train at Oxford Circus, gave printed card saying YOU’RE FAT to overweight girl. He jumped off. She read it, & cried,” Knox tweeted Monday morning.

The card starts by saying “It’s really not glandular, it’s your gluttony … Our organization hates and resents fat people,” going on to explain that the Overweight Haters “disapprove” of using government healthcare money to treat obesity.

“You are a fat, ugly human,” it concludes.

The British Transport Police has requested that anyone who receives one of the cards contact them by phone or text.