By Gabrielle Olya
Updated October 28, 2016 09:23 PM
Credit: INFphoto

Losing weight hasn’t been an easy journey for Gayle King.

Since joining Weight Watchers last September, King, 61, has been documenting her weight loss — and gains.

In June, the CBS This Morning host shared that she had lost nearly 28 lbs. by sticking to her Weight Watchers plan, dropping from 184.5 lbs. to 156.8 lbs.

But three weeks ago, King shared that she was back up to 163. 6 lbs.

“Oh s— epic fail!” she posted on Instagram. “Did red nail polish add an extra 4.4 lbs or [was it] the nightly peanuts and raisins I ate this week? So not Weight Watchers points-friendly! So bummed.”

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But now King has turned things around again, revealing on Friday that she is back down to 160.6 lbs.

“‘It’s going down’ — to quote Kesha — ‘I’m yelling timber,'” she posted. “October 7, 163.6 [lbs.], and now 160.6. Went up for a hot minute, now back on track at Weight Watchers counting the points!”