The 61-year-old journalist began the program in September alongside pal Oprah Winfrey

By Dave Quinn
June 11, 2016 01:10 PM

Gayle King took to Instagram on Friday to celebrate the news of her latest weigh-in.

King, 61, is down 27.7 lbs. since beginning Weight Watchers in September 2015. She began at 184.5 lbs., but as of Friday, is clocking-in at 156.8 lbs..

“In 9 months have a baby???” the CBS This Morning host captioned the shot, “orrrr lose 27.7 lbs on @weightwatchers? I chose to count points.”

“Almost there,” King continued.

Her loss was received with an outpouring of support from her followers. “Fabulous!! You look fantastic,” one commenter wrote. “Very inspiring!!”

“You must feel so great!!!,” another added. “Carry around a 25 pound bag of flour or something and marvel at how hard it is!”

King has been documenting her weight-loss journey on Instagram, with weekly posts showing a steady loss of weight on her “friendly” Under Armour scale.

In one post, King lamented about losing a “who wore it best?” contest to Oscar winner Lupita Ny’ongo, saying “to be honest – I would have voted for @lupitanyongo on this one! It took me 2 years to fit in this dress so I will stay happy about THAT!”

In December, the O magazine editor said she had fallen off the Weight Watchers bandwagon, indulging in a caramel cake with bananas foster filing for her birthday.

King joined Weight Watchers alongside her BFF Oprah Winfrey – who is a spokesperson for the company and has a 10 percent stake. King says she lost 4 lbs. on the plan during her first week.

In 2004, King opened about her weight loss struggles in the past in O, writing “I deny myself nothing” when it comes to food.

“Some people don’t eat pasta or bread or sweets ever,” she said. “I love those foods too much. So for the most part, I eat healthy, but if I go to a party or on vacation, I’m going to enjoy it; then I work extra hard to get back to where I was.”