A French court ruled that mayors do not have the right to ban burka bikinis

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated August 26, 2016 10:50 AM
Credit: FameFlynet

A French court has ruled against the burkini ban implemented by seaside town Villeneuve-Loubet after mounting backlash, reported CNN.

The ban, which is in place in over a dozen French towns, prevented women from wearing ‘burkinis’ – swimsuits for women that cover everything but the face, hands and feet.

France’s highest administrative court ruled on Friday that mayors do not have the right to ban burkinis, CNN said. Other cities in the European country could subsequently be ordered to lift their bans as well.

The ban was first implemented in Cannes on Aug. 12, with the mayor calling them a “symbol of Islamic extremism,” after the July ISIS terror attack in Nice. The other towns quickly followed suit, charging women who disobeyed the ban a fine.

The French Prime Minister Manual Valls also backed the bans, but said he wasn’t interested in creating a nationwide law against them.

In the time since the initial prohibition in France, online sales of the full-coverage swimsuits have risen 200 percent worldwide, according to BBC News.

Aheda Zanetti, who lives in Australia and owns the trademark on ‘burkini,’ said online sales skyrocketed as women took a stand against the clothing directives.