Fox News reporter Diana Falzone opened up about the pain of learning that she has severe endometriosis that left her infertile

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated January 26, 2017 04:14 PM
Mark Sagliocco/Getty

In the hopes of helping other women. Fox News reporter Diana Falzone is opening up about her severe endometriosis that left her infertile.

The Fox 411 host learned that she had endometriosis after suddenly getting sick in Feb. 2016. After bouncing from doctor to doctor, a specialist found a mass in her uterus.

“As she delivered the news, my heart raced and my legs shook. She explained that I would need surgery and something called an egg reserve blood test to see if my fertility was compromised,” Falzone writes on

The results of the test showed that she would need immediate surgery — and the few eggs she had left meant she had an aggressive case of endometriosis.

Several celebrities — including Lena Dunham, Padma Lakshmi and Tia Mowry — have spoken out about suffering from the disease.

Falzone underwent a 3 and a half hour surgery to remove endometriosis tissue and stop her excessive bleeding and pain, followed by two egg retrievals to get her remaining eggs.

“I will likely never have a child and fulfill my greatest wish of being a mother,” she says. “When hit with the news that I am infertile, I could not stop crying. I have shed many tears because of endometriosis. But this illness, which made my body so weak, has also made me so strong.”

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Falzone hesitated to share her story at first, but one of her doctors convinced her to reach out to the thousands of women with endometriosis facing a similar situation.

“If you have symptoms of endometriosis, do not be afraid to advocate for yourself … The more we talk about women’s health issues, the sooner we will get to finding cures and better treatment options.”