June 06, 2016 05:00 PM

Ten weeks post-partum and feeling amazing!

Fit mom Chontel Duncan posted a side-by-side comparison of her stomach one day after her C-section delivery, to her ripped abs today, just 10 weeks later.

“My body is slowly but surely getting there & my core strength I am finding that I am regaining the ability to connected to the lower abdominal area,” Duncan wrote in a second post.

The fitness instructor and owner of HIIT Australia credits her tough classes for whipping her abs back to their pre-baby toughness.

“Today I accomplished an ‘ab wheel’ Roll Out!!! 2 weeks ago I attempted this exercise & my core strength DID NOT allow it,” Duncan explains. “It popped up again in today’s session at @hiit_australia. Holding my breath in fear I may have to modify again I grabbed the wheel. Squeezing all my mite, I went down, paused & squeezed even harder to pull back in. BLOODY VICTORY.”

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She’s been back in the gym for four weeks now, after taking six weeks off from exercise after her son Miah arrived in March.

And while she’s loving the feeling of a good workout again, it hasn’t been and easy journey back to her pre-baby fitness.

“My after baby body image struggle is most certainly the loss of strength & muscle mass,” Duncan posted on Instagram. “I love a thicker frame with more muscle definition which I had pre pregnancy, obviously I wasn’t lifting as heavy throughout my pregnancy & didn’t touch weights until 6 weeks post pregnancy … therefore my body shape changed.”

“Slowly but surely I will get back there but for now it’s just taking each day as it comes, each workout as it comes, listening to my body & in time my muscle will grow.”

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